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If you want feel:

  • comfortable and sexy in your body.
  • connected and attracted to your partner.
  • tapped into your power and turned on again!

This class is for you.

If work, kids, or life has got in the way its time to prioritize your pleasure again.

But where do you begin?

Your pleasure starts with YOU.

Take a hot bath, a weekend away, and this class to help you get reconnect to yourself.

Why is YOUR pleasure important?

Because it is connected to your power and your ability to receive.

Maybe you’ve to read books on receiving (or money), listened to podcasts on abundance, worked on your limiting belief around having more but until you spend time ON and IN your body you won’t turn on the tap to receiving fully.

Receiving is something that needs to be felt and experienced in your body not just in your mind.

So why don’t we do it?

Because we are tired, disconnected (sometimes even hurt and resentful) toward out partners, or too busy prioritizing others.

It’s time to prioritize your pleasure.

Tapped In & Turned On is a 3-Day Focused Course


Clearing The Body & The Past. Getting honest and clear about what you need to let go of. Releasing resentment, fatigue, tension, the past pain and discomfort from your body and/or relationship. Feel calm and connected to your body again.


Release to Receive. You will learn a Tapping protocol to help you walk into the woman that allows herself to be free, loved, pleased, and prioritized. Giving and receiving to herself and creating relationships that do the same.


Unwound. Let the wild woman out! Play and receive. What do you fantasize about? What would you love to experience but are afraid to ask for? What are you waiting for!? On day 3 we will tap into your sensual self and create your dream desires and make a plan to bring them to life. Use your voice. Ask for what you REALLY want and allows yourself to receive it.

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