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EFT & Affirmations

✓ Stay on track with this easy daily alignment practice, 20 minutes of Tapping a day with Jackie

✓ Increase your income, strengthen your relationships, deepen your spirituality, activate your confidence, and skyrocket your results in business, love, money, and health 

✓ Learn how to speak, think, and act in the language of affirmations so you can do, be, and have it all

“I recommend Jackie’s programs almost daily. Why?

Her work is consciously motivated, efficient and fun! Give yourself the gift of working with her too. Join her 21 days of tapping. She will help you reboot some of those thinking patterns that might be getting in the way of the expression of your magic.

If you work with me or already have tools to shift these patterns, let me encourage you to add this program too. Jackie’s work compliments my work in such a beautiful way and you will be glad you said yes.”

– Joy Kingsborough

Mystic Success Coach

“Thank you SO SO much for this tapping program Jackie! I instantly feel amazing doing it and right after. Changes the course of my day and brings energy back into my life, especially with my 8 month old daughter, it’s absolutely sacred to have my energy. Thank you!”

– Liah T Berlioux

Transformational Coach

“I’m so excited for the next 21 days of Tapping and Affirmations with the lovely Jackie McDonald starting tomorrow. Tapping, if you don’t know helps soothe your nervous system in such a wonderful way. I always feel like my soul just had a big hug afterwards. Tapping on a few different pressure points for about 10 mins ish makes a world of difference in releasing stress and anxiety. It also brings new levels of clarity and awareness to your mind. My best ideas always come after a good tapping session! It looks weird and sounds weird but it feels so good to soothe your nervous system on an energetic level. I highly recommend giving it a try especially if you ever struggle with anxiety.

Can’t wait to get started Jackie!”

– Kandace Stoneman

Mindset Mentor


“The tapping has got me manifesting little moments of joy all the time ?

We just got upgraded at my favrouites to a divine suite – I visualised waking up to amazing views & sounds of nature with luxury and calm – I got it and the massage that was fully booked yesterday… Got that too ????.

It’s getting easier to claim it Jackie McDonald – bless you for showing us the way ? ?”


– Natasha Hayles

EFT Practitioner

“I just needed to send you a message to say, WOW, WOW, WOW! I am so glad I purchased your 21 Days of Tapping because, in about a week it has shifted so much for me, in tangible and intangible ways… I’m so thankful and just really wanted to spread my love to you and let you know how much I’m benefitted by this right now. You are such a beautiful soul and have such a wonderful gift. I love you Jackie!”

– Flora Wave

Leadership Coach

“I’m feeling so so good! Life is unfolding in such a magnificent way and massive opportunities, people, and experiences are flowing my way”


– Danielle Todd

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“I cannot stop singing the praises of Jackie McDonald and everything she teaches. I have been on a manifestation mission since.”


– Kale Bajowsky


 What if I can’t attend the live video each day?

Not a problem, you will have lifetime access to all the videos.
The replay will be available immediately after the video of the day is complete.

What if I’m not on Facebook?

No problem!
We can send you the live video recordings each week via email.

What if I’m new to Tapping and don’t know how to do it?

No problem!
This program is for ALL levels.

 We will guide you every step of the way and teach you everything you need to know.

If you are brand new or if you already use Tapping, this experience will quickly amplify your results.



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