Let’s talk about Big Life Leaps 

– – Leaving a relationship
– – Leaving a job 
– – Moving to a new city 
– – Saying YES to what your heart really wants even if it ruffles some feathers 

One thing I’ve learned about Big Life Leaps is that even though they can be scary as hell we make it through them.

– – The money we were so afraid of not having shows up in ways we could’ve never imagined

– – The love we were so afraid of losing actually expands

– – The things we were afraid to let go of are soon discovered elsewhere 

The decisions that feel SO life changing that it pushes them to become someone they’ve never been before. 

✨People tend to find me when they’re at the beginning or in the middle of a big life leap✨

Fears of “what the hell did I do?!” and panic of “am I going to be okay?!”

They find me when they are faced with moments of uncertainty or when they feel ready to give up on their dream. 

I’m there to grab them by the hand and remind them. 


You are going to be okay. 

You might not feel okay right but just because you don’t feel like you’re flourishing right now doesn’t mean you won’t. 

I’m there to bring them back to themselves and remind them that: 

– – We each are on our own time tables of flourishing

– – We are each on our own time tables of taking big leaps

This is why I teach emotional freedom.

I don’t want I see another person holding back from this BIG beautiful life we are given just because there are moments of uncertainty and things feel hard. 

We are all worthy of being emotionally free. 

I can show you how