As an entrepreneur, do you sometimes think, “I should just go get a 9-5 job so I can feel safe and secure and not worry about money so much.”

I’ve bought into the belief that if I just had X amount everything would be okay and I wouldn’t have to worry again.

Have you ever received a lump sum of money and you were SURE that it would solve all of your money fears but to your surprise it didn’t?

Do you believe that all you need is more money to help you feel secure?

I’m not going to lie…
These are all things that I have believed and experienced. I’ve felt intimidated and scared of the uncertainty that comes with living a brave life doing what you love.

But the reality is that security doesn’t come from money.

Don’t get me wrong, having money in the BANK feels f*ing awesome BUT money doesn’t GIVE you the emotional security you are looking for.

Even people with millions of dollars have fears and beliefs around money and that there is never enough. They live in a constant state of fight or flight and hustling for their worth to earn more.

Financial security and emotional security are closely linked.

Security is a FEELING that is generated by YOU through your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

For me, security comes through FAITH.

Faith in the unknown, faith in God/Universe/Spirit, most importantly faith in myself.

It gives me a deep knowing that my value doesn’t come with a price tag, my value can never be taken away from me because it is what I am made up of.

Who I am, my connection to God/Universe/Spirit is what makes me feel secure, confident, and TRUSTING in my future.

There is no mistaking my soul and what I know is possible for me and the world.

So trust yourself, girl, tap into your power and remember how that is all comes from within.

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With Love,

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