Telling the world who you really are can be scary and be the most liberating experience of a lifetime.

Before I “came out” as an EFT Practitioner I was convinced everyone would think I’m crazy (I’m pretty sure some people still think I am and I’m totally cool with that now 😂)

After all who tells people to Tap on their face and talk about their feelings for a living? 🙋‍♀️

Not only that but coming out and talking about Spirituality was another BIG fear because I was raised with a strict Christian upbringing and I was REALLY afraid for my loved ones to find out my beliefs differed from theirs.

So, how did I do it?

👉I did the inner work around feeling safe being seen & heard and used EFT Tapping to overcome my fears (aka healing my inner child).

Once the fear was cleared the action came naturally.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, it was time to share my work, my message, and me with the world and low and behold I found out… THEY LOVED IT!

See most people are trying to do the practical steps first and they are actually the LAST step.

THE EMOTIONAL & SPIRITUAL work always, always, always comes first!

The women I work with today are usually feeling like they are stopping themselves from being seen in a bigger way and they don’t really know why (that’s because it’s an unconscious behavior) through our work we reveal and heal their blocks and make their dreams happen.

We get them out there
We get them seen
We get them heard by the RIGHT people
We get them making money doing what they love

It all starts with you and I can show you how.

Every 6-months I open up the opportunity to work with me one on one.

That time is RIGHT NOW and I only have a few spots left.

Message me and jump on this deal.

It’s time for the world to know your name.

Big Love Always,

Jackie McDonald