✨Manifestation Tip ✨

Recently, after listening to an interview with Sonia Choquette on the Hay House World Summit I had a realization that there was an easier way to visualize.

When visualizing what you want – use your HEART instead of your MIND to feel into your desire.

If you have ever let perfectionism stop you from trying visualization then this will help!

Instead of thinking about what you want, open your heart and feel into what you want.

Feel excited about the trip you want.
Feel the connection to the lover you want.
Feel the ease you want in your body.
Feel the success you desire in your business and life.

Better yet, instead of just wanting these things, claim them as yours, act as if you already have them.

“I am so excited about my next trip.”
“I love feeling so connected to my partner, we have so much fun together.”
“My body feels stronger and healthier than it’s ever been.”
“My business and life are always expanding to new heights.”

One of my favorite quotes says,
“Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your reality.”Dr. Joe Dispenza

Try this affirmation today: “I open my heart to the day and welcome all the blessings life has to offer me”