Amanda Ferrat

Specializing In:

Trauma and Grief, Parts of Self Work, Reworking Generational Patterns and Beliefs


Oregon, United States

Consult Types available:

Online only

About Amanda:

Amanda Ferrat is the founder of Value Yourself Counseling. Besides being an Advanced EFT Practitioner, she is also a certified emotional wellness counsellor and international speaker. Amanda has an extensive professional background in mental health and social services, with a degree in Family Science. She pursued her entrepreneurial path after a long and complicated journey with grief, trauma, and physical and mental health struggles. Because her healing journey has not been easy, Amanda actively works to create a world where it is safe to fully be yourself at all times. She does this using her compassion, empathy, education, intuition, and skills to help clients break barriers and limitations and build new patterns instead that empower and free them to be their Badass selves. She especially loves to help other women make peace with their past, fall in love with their present, and get excited about their future. Amanda identifies as a fat, queer, disabled woman with chronic and mental illness and actively advocates for a world more accessible, just, equitable and compassionate for all. When not helping others, Amanda loves to spend time adventuring along the Oregon Coast with her dog Ludo, snuggle with her cat Esme, or add to her collections of crystals and craft supplies.

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