Jacqui Acree

Specializing In:

Highly Sensitive, Growth-Oriented Women; who have tried a bunch of self-help but still feel up against an invisible wall



Consult Types available:

Online Only

About Jacqui:

As an EFT Practitioner with a BA in Counselling, Jacqui Acree is a self-compassion advocate, goal trauma coach, and self-help disruptor. She’s the founder of Being Human Together, an online course community where she uses EFT to empower highly sensitive women to free themselves from chronic stress, perfectionism, and their inner critic so they can live each day as their favourite version of themselves.

The truth is: if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now. If you’re ready for a new way, Jacqui’s scope of practice will be a breath of fresh air.

Connect with Jacqui:

Website: www.jacquiacree.com

Email: jacqui@jacquiacree.com

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