Spend more time on your energy and your business will boom. 

I spend 80% of my time/my day getting in tune with myself and my energy.

What does that mean? 

I prioritize energy then take action (something I teach in a program called The Brain Game) 

I spend most of my time:
• Listening to podcasts while I get ready in the morning 
• Tapping & Journaling 
• Hanging out in nature 
• Moving my body 
• Listening to music that boosts my mood 
• Connecting with people who excite and inspire me

Building a successful business is less about the flashy formulas and more and self-success strategies (aka self-love).

When I first started out I ran around all day feeling like I needed to do “all the things” and at the same time felt like nothing was getting done.

Fast forward to today, I worry less about what needs to get done and spend way more time on how I feel. 

Give it a try. 

Before posting/selling/working go for a walk, try out tapping, listen to a podcast that inspires you, have a nap if your body is overtired.

Spend time doing things that expand your soul and watch the rest of your life expand with it