Do you struggle having patience with yourself while working towards a goal?

Today, I was inspired by Simon Sinek’s video on millennial’s in the workplace (you can watch that here.. )

He spoke about the instant gratification craze that so many of us struggle with especially in the online world. In a moment we can have whatever we want at our finger tips. Whether it’s a book from amazon, a movie or even a food order.

We want it, we’ve got it.

This can be frustrating when it comes to building a business. We want what everyone else has. It can be difficult to have patience with yourself when you are comparing your behind the scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel.
I did a Facebook Live today to encourage you to have patience with your process. Growth is uncomfortable at times but necessary on the road to success.

Remember, THE JOY IS IN THE JOURNEY. If we are fighting with ourselves along the way than what is the point of it all?

Your time to shine is coming. You’re right where you need to be and the sooner you can shift out of fear and into love the sooner you feel successful and abundant.

Love, Jackie McDonald