Today on Facebook Live, I dished about my journey as a highly sensitive ambitious woman (yes, I’m equal parts both!) and the 10 tips that have helped me succeed. Here’s a peek:

  1. I work to have patience and compassion for myself.
  2. I make time to connect with my higher power.
  3. I quit coffee. (Big one, I know! Watch the vid for why and how I survived.)
  4. I have a solid team.
  5. I treat EFT tapping and meditation.
  6. I create a spacious schedule for myself.
  7. I always ensure I get enough sleep. 
  8. I surround myself with highly sensitive people. 
  9. I support my adrenals. 
  10. I practice surrendering control.

Watch the video for my insights and stories on how to implement these 10 tips for succeeding as a highly sensitive ambitious woman. Hope you’ll join me next time!

10 things that have helped me succeed as a highly sensitive ambitious woman

Posted by Jackie McDonald on Tuesday, November 22, 2016




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