As a Mother and Entrepreneur what I need (and CRAVE) in order to fully thrive is SPACE.

• Space to hear myself think.
• Space to journal about my biggest fears, challenges, wins, desires, and goals
• Space for inspired ideas to land and for me to take action and create
• Space to feel connected to me
• Space to talk it out and be seen, heard, and understood

Give me a 🙋‍♀️ below if you’re with me!

That is why I believe in the power of Retreats & that is why I create them.

>>My intention is to gather women, to create a space for them to birth their big dreams into the world, to feel loved and accepted in the messiness of it all, and walk away believing in themselves bigger than EVER before.<<

During my retreats you will:
Have lots of time to talk
Go on nature walks & adventures
Journal, Tap, Meditate
Heal & Expand your inner and outer world
 Get beautiful photos taken of you in your element
Make friendships and connections that will last a lifetime
Have doors of opportunity open up for you and your business

Most importantly you will feel like your soul has been expanded, that you are free, powerful, and UNSTOPPABLE.

So, if you are someone who desires space, support, and success…Check out my retreats!

I have 2 coming up:

🏝 Mexico : Feb 17-23, 2019
🏔 Revelstoke : May 2019

Comment below and I will send you all the details!

Let’s make magic together

Jackie McDonald