You Are Becoming

She is well-known, wealthy, and in love 
She is masterful with her money, time and energy

She is love with herself, her partner, and her life
She is connected and grateful for her beautiful body 

She is respected and loved by the people that matter the most to her

She travels often but loves where she lives

She is free, creative, connected, and living in her truth
I believe you can be wise, wild, and wealthy
I believe you can do, be, and have all of these things.

But first…


You Are Now

You’ve been through some challenging times 
You’ve come out the other-side, you are working through it, you are resilient and ready
Your energy, attention, and time is incredibly precious but you are often giving it to everyone else
You’ve done a lot of work, healed a lot of pain and you are READY for expansion
You don’t want to do it the same way everyone else is – you have a vision and a way of doing things differently 
You’re smart, you have big heart and feel things deeply
You are innovative and creative, you have incredible intuition 
You are on the rise

    Whether you are the kind of woman that quietly takes up space in a room or the type of woman who walks in a makes herself known

    You are in the right place

    You are not naive to the fact that obstacles are an inevitable part of the human experience but

    You Believe in something Bigger

    A bigger vision, a bigger purpose in the Universe, a bigger life.

    Now, you might not get a whole lot of time to yourself.

    Because you are so used to giving, giving, giving.

    But you KNOW that in order to get to the next level of your vision you have to dedicate some focus and time to yourself.


    Wildly Wealthy Woman Membership

    We are going to link arms and walk together on your path to creating the life you want.


    “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”

    (plus adding some Tapping really makes it MAGIC)I am going to walk you through a daily morning practice that will activate your body, heart, and mind towards the life you want.
    The lifestyle of a Wildly Wealthy Woman.

    For years, I would promise myself that I would have a daily morning practice but as a single mom to a little one this wasn’t always my reality. It didn’t matter how early I would wake up she would always sense it and wake up with me!

    That is why I created this program.

    To start Tapping every morning at 9 am no matter what was going on that was time for ME.

    It set my whole day and soon my whole life up for success and I want to make this accessible and easy for women all over the world.


    Global Community!

    The practices you will experience in this membership have allowed me to be a Mom that shows her daughter what it looks like to love her life, build rich and meaningful relationships, grow a business that fuels my soul and my bank account, allowed me to buy my own house at age 24, travel to tropical locations several times a year, work from wherever, and change the world by changing people from the inside out.

    What some women have manifested through this program:

    Dream apartments

    Speaking on stages

    Soul Mate partners

    Best sales months in their business (many women have done this)

    Deeper love and acceptance for their bodies

    This program will help you release what’s in your way and receive what’s meant for you.

    What some women have manifested through this program:

    Dream apartments

    Speaking on stages

    Soul Mate partners

    Best sales months in their business (many women have done this)

    Deeper love and acceptance for their bodies

    This program will help you release what’s in your way and receive what’s meant for you.

    When I thought about creating my dream membership I knew wanted a place where I could have someone to walk with me into my vision, who allowed me the freedom to things my way but to hold me accountable, to help me when I doubt myself and to see my blindspots.

    This is what I am going to do for you.

    I love this membership because it allows people to work intimately with me at a really affordable price and help you get where you want to go.

    In this membership you will get:

    • Daily #morningswithme live Tapping & Affirmation videos to start your day (priceless)
    • 2 Live Group Calls every month on the New Moon & Full Moon (value $250)
    • Access to my bundles: The Body Bundle, The Abundance Bundle, The Relationship Bundle (value $129 each)
    • Access to the 21-days of Tapping & Affirmations (value $150)

    ONLY $99/month


    “Before working with Jackie, I was looking for a way to enhance and have a better morning routine to get me into better alignment with myself. I tried meditating and as great as this practice can be, for some reason it just never stuck and I felt like I was more of a drag and making myself do it. I needed and wanted to find a way, that would engage me and have me focus on what I was doing in the moment and so by chance I ran across a live stream that featured Jackie and decided that I was going to go along with it.

    I had tried tapping before, but as soon as I started I noticed, it stuck and I wanted to do more. I reached out. She was promoting her ’21 Days of Tapping’ and I signed up right on the spot and once that was done, I signed up for her Membership Group “Wildly Wealthy Women”, because her way of tapping opened something in me. It stuck and it allowed me to dive deep and become aware of things I had not even been aware of.

    Since working with Jackie, I progress and worked through my blocks faster. Everything else that I was learning stuck and the process of embodying became more effortless. I am more aligned in the mornings. Her teachings are easy, simple and timely. The Tapping Scripts and affirmations, are activating and motivating and I have been recommending her all over.

    I am more abundant, I feel like I have more courageous and feel more supported and deliberately connected than ever.”

    Anita Garza

    Improvement Psychic

    “Before working with Jackie I felt stuck, like I was spinning my wheels. Jackie helped me shift, and release old thought patterns that were holding me back from believing in myself, from believing my life could be different. I am so grateful for Jackie!”


    I just want you all to know…

    This is and always will be a space where you can be messy.
    You can start conversation about topics that make you feel uncomfortable like race, religion, relationships, money, the truth about how we feel in our bodies.

    It’s a place where you don’t have to be perfect or have the right thing to say.
    It’s a place for curiosity, honesty, and openness.

    I love each of you

    I See You

    I believe in you

    I want you to feel safe being YOU

    in this space & in this world.

    We all deserve that

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